Event Tents

Event tents are a perfect solution for any kind of event, fairs, openings, parties, celebrations, picnics, meetings, concerts etc. They offer protection from rain and sun and ensure a successful event despite the weather.

Various sizes of tents are in plentiful supply, from the smallest ones intended for private parties to those suitable for several thousands of people. Event tents can be equipped with wooden floors, floor covering, ...
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Wedding Tents

Wedding tents are a perfect solution for idyllic outdoor wedding ceremony in all seasons. They offer protection from the sun, rain or snow and provide good and relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

White VIP tents are perfect for every location, whether it be in the woods, beside the river, in the meadow or in the castle. The size of the tent is chosen according to the number of guests, therefore you can choose from the smallest ones to those suitable for several hundred people. Tents can be set on any surface where they could be attached by pegs for safety reasons.>> more

Equipment in the tents

Beside basic party and Vip tents, we can assure complete equipment for tents: Wooden modular floor, Carpeting of different colours, Interior ceiling and wall decoration, Transparent walls and roofs of the tents, catering equipment (different chairs and tables with covering etc ... ), Wedding table with covering, Pagode, pavillions, Heating and air conditioning in the tents, Podiums and stages, Doors, Lightning (basic or chandeliers), ...

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